Electrical Outdoor Heater


Electric outdoor Heaters available in Black or Silver aluminium colours with or without remote control

This solution for outdoor heater Beautifully designed with high quality built.this high end outdoor heaters not only add heat and warm ambiance to your outdoor space.

this outdoor electric heaters are waterproof heaters and safe to use outdoor, can be used in absolutely any weather conditions.

Technical Data

  • Voltage (V) – 220-240V
    Weight (Kg) – 2.4Kg
    Dimensions  W x H X D – 570 x 100 x 140 mm
    Total Power (kW) – 1kW to 3kW
    Waterproof Protection
    Warranty – 1 year
    available in floor standing and  wall mounting  models.with Long life infrared lamp and top efficiency.