Refugee shelter


Refugee – emergency – army/military tent shelter


height side 160cm

center height 260cm
Fabric 100% cotton canvas – water resistant
Fabric weight : 550g/m2

MS Steel with frame
Packing : Jute Bags

Stock Available in Dubai

Shelter is a critical factor affecting survival in the initial stages of a disaster. Beyond survival, shelter is necessary to provide security, personal safety and protection from the climate and to promote resistance to ill health and disease. It is also important for human dignity, to sustain family and community life and to enable affected populations to recover from the impact of disaster. A shelter is defined as a habitable covered living space providing a secure and healthy living environment with privacy and dignity. Refugees and others of concern to have the right to adequate shelter in order to benefit from protection from the elements, space to live and store belongings as well as privacy, comfort and emotional support. Shelter should be adapted according to the geographical context, the climate, the cultural practice and habits, the local availability of skills as well as accessibility to adequate construction materials in any given country.