Gas Patio Heaters


Gas Patio heaters are the best solution available for outdoor heating in Dubai and the Emirates. With more mobility freedom & cheap LPG gas, gas outdoor heaters now are more efficient and comes with more shapes and sizes than before.

Dubai civil defence approved patio heaters

Below are the most common types We offer, Please contact us for updated info.

Street lamp patio heaters

mushroom street lamp heater

Price range ~ 1000-1400AED

  • Height: 2.2m,Weight: 22kg
  • Heat output: ~12kw
  • Safety features
  • Improved gas economy, about 30% saving over standard mushroom heater

Mushroom outdoor gas heaters

Mushroom Outdoor Heater

Price range ~ 550-850AED

  • Height: 2.2m, Weight: 18kg
  • Heat output: ~12kw
  • 1-part reflector & pilot flame
  • Safety features
  • Stainless steel or colored powder coating

Pyramid gas patio heaters

Stainless steel pyramid gas patio heater

Price range ~ 900-1300AED

  • Height: ~2.3m, Weight: 27kg
  • Heat output: ~11kw
  • Quartz tube & improved easy ignition
  • Safety features
  • Stainless steel or colored powder coating

Our range of Patio Gas heaters modern shapes like pyramid and flame tube heater are the best option when the beauty is I your priority of your choice, while Traditional Mushroom heater shapes are more powerful with larger heat capacities.  Our range of outdoor gas heaters available for immediate delivery from stock in Dubai.


Pyramid Glass tube patio heater become so popular now it adds beautiful flame lighting to your garden, it will help your guests to enjoy outdoor whenever the weather condition. The outside cold temperature is not an issue with gas patio heater. Our patio gas heaters are economical and come in a wide range of styles to suit any customer needs, such as Mushroom heaters or outdoor pyramid gas heaters or Glass flame outdoor heaters.