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Majority of the people in the UAE are forced indoors because of the extremely hot weather during the summer time, But as it is seen that the temperature could drop in the winters, and some of the people like to stay outdoor because they have invested in patio heaters. Whether you have an electric or gas patio heaters, these heaters let you enjoy the evenings in Dubai by warming you up and fits smoothly in the backgrounds of your patio or garden. Both of the gas and electric patio heaters are effective in their own ways. First, you should know that how the electric and gas patio heaters work.

Working of electric and gas patio heater;

These two types of heaters work differently, gas patio heaters use to heat their atmospheres by convection and radiation, whereas electric patio heaters use only radiation. The gas patio heaters are LPG based and require a gas cylinder to run. The flame produced by the gas patio heaters are used to heat the atmospheres in the same way as the fire does, most of the heat is conveyed through radiation while the rest of the warmth is created by convection from the heater. Convection is less effectual as this type of warming, warms the air around the heater which means that in a bigger space like in gardens the heat escapes quickly.

Outdoor electric patio heater uses infrared rays to heat the objects, the radiation that comes from these heaters warms the object directly without heating the air around it making it an incredibly effective outdoor heater.

Pros and cons of electric vs gas patio heaters;

For outdoor places an electric outdoor heater is a brilliant choice, these heaters are fashionable, colourful and available in a variety of styles like a tabletop, wall mounted and free standing.

Pros of electric patio heaters;

Before purchasing an electric patio heater there are certain pros to deliberate;

  • Simple-plugin; you can place your electric patio heater wherever you want, and then just simply plug into your standard home electric circuits.
  • Secured for minor open-air spaces; for outdoor enclosures that are bounded and not very well aired for gas patio heaters, electric patio heaters offer warmth suitable for small extents.
  • Easy to handle; Apart from easy plugging, this electric heater can be placed anywhere you desired, hold a corner of it and place close to your favourite chair,, or you can place it near to the party going

 Some of the cons of the electric heater are:                                              

  • Usage of electricity: It requires electricity contrasting gas heaters, as gas patio heaters have a self-governing gas power supply.
  • Slow heating; It heats the atmosphere slowly as compared to natural or propane gas patio heaters.
  • Limited location; Electric patio heaters can only be mounted where there are electrical circuits.

Pros and cons of gas patio heaters:’

Natural gas patio heaters are easy to place on well-aired outdoor counters providing plenteous warmth with the current natural gas supplies at homes. These heaters offer rapid warmth and are professionally installed in open-air spaces. These gas patio heaters are good for large gatherings, open-air dinners and to enjoy outdoor areas, there are some pros and cons of gas patio heaters.


  • Better heat production; They have greater heat production because of the burning of the natural gas than an electric
  • Chic designs; Many patio gas heaters have a smooth exterior and can merge with outdoor furnishings.


  • Fixed heating; Gas patio heaters are wall-mounted to natural gas pipelines.
  • Installed professionally; It requires professional installation for safety purpose.
  • Ventilation; It requires to be adjusted in well-aired

So both the electric and gas patio heaters have pros and cons and both are efficient in warming the atmospheres.

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