Be Prepared for a Winter Season With Patio Heater Dubai


Is it cheaper to buy or rent a patio heater in Dubai?

If you need few patio heaters, and have place to store them after, purchasing is the best option. However, if you have an event that needs many outdoor heaters, Renting is better option to avoid the purchase cost. Also you wouldn’t worry where to store them afterwords.


How many mushroom patio heaters to use?

In UAE, temperatures rarely go down near 10c. As a rule of thumb, 1 mushroom heater every 5-7meters creates nice warm effect.


Why I see some smoke inside my Pyramid outdoor heater?

Could be LPG gas fuel quality, Or the gas/air ratio fed in the burner. The last one is usually the most common reason and easy to fix.


Do you sell used outdoor patio heaters?

Yes we do sell from our warehouse in Dubai. Usually you would get reduced price, and pick the units you want directly.


Can I book only 1 heater?

Yes, but same delivery charges still apply unless you pick/drop it from our warehouse in Al Quoz, Dubai.

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